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Neden is a beautiful palindrome. It is art and it is space – all resonate and floating, its vacuum graced with a new shiny star. The duo of Jan Jiskra and Adam Holub provided one of 2014’s absolute highlights. The soundtrack to a radio-drama with its main narrator gone missing, leaving the sound to tell its own story. In a sea of Krautrock-crazed virtuosos, Neden swim free and unladen of the influences that may be insisting on a credit. Yes, the most notable is the presence of a certain Eno spirit (to some extent even more fascinating is the duo’s leaning towards a certain Simon Fisher Turner), but not in order to emulate itself – Neden may be leaning on Eno’s “oblique strategies” theory but instead choose to live a life on the edge of their own “untitled” destiny – providing a fluid, impressive whole which should be rendered into the world of Jan Švankmajer or his equally gorgeous apprentice-duo, The Brothers Quay (or both) – the entire playlist of 12 is a sequence of short audio-extracts longing for stop-start animation companion.

This is music that deserves to be hailed head over heels – but instead, it somehow chooses to be this little treasure chest patiently pulsating from its own, isolated (panic) room. Naive, spacy and tristful, the record suits this year’s long (winter) evenings, sitting by the window, staring out into the dark, cosily wrapped in warm blanket with a cup of tea to go along and leave the mind turn pleasantly blank. Tranquil, never claustrophobic, with the absolute charm of static electricity.

Neden’s s/t LP is now available through the duo’s own Mata-Mata Records, linked to

Image detail: “Frozen silence” by Petr Bořuta


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