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“New Ways” is a soundtrack to the recently released and much talked-about documentary “I Dream Of Wires”, written and directed by Robert Fantinatto, to which Solvent himself contributed a great deal. Both, the documentary and the soundtrack present a full-pack in the form of academic analysis – the potential of the synth, it’s expansion of creativity beyond, from the simplest of choices that lurk from behind the black and white keyboard surface. The divine simplicity many still denounce explaining it lacks emotion and spontaneity (read: fault) – all technically too perfect and calculated. Rock purists may remain as stubborn by defending the “human factor” in guitar-playing, but stubborness only causes devolution – “New Ways”, plain and simple denounces this stubborness, greeting the synth as the ultimate refiner.

No doubt, Solvent himself is a synth-fetishist. And although his insisting on analogue gear used back and forth may be viewed as somewhat geek-ish (or elitist even), from the very music’s point of delivery the first thing that comes to mind is the word – pleasure. And “New Ways” once again does exactly that – it confirms Solvent’s pleasure principle, of enjoying giving personal statements by creating weird sounds and discovering just as many, but not for self-indulgence sake; more in order to present the modern world in its abstract reality upfront – choosing as many different patterns as possible to express the very nature of synthetics, the importance of technology as well as its satiation. This collection is so beautifully square two dimensional for three dimensional listening experience – as frigid as it is emotional, constantly bridging between cold and warm – machines that radiate with joy as well as they play at hints of uncertainty – yes, machines are unpredictible bastards and many expressed both – concern and interest, by carrying out ideas that machines one day will be more intelligent than ourselves (think of “Demon Seed”).

But Solvent is not the demon seed proclaimer, he communicates in his favourite language – Modular – the language that sends a universal message, articulating the listener with friendlier machine overtones. At times, some of it may seem too demanding – as high and low frequencies usually are when being exposed to (“Elephant Generators”), but then again, the senses do go crazy for more, through interesting method of “restart” rather than “meditation”.

In “New Ways” case, uncertainty provokes thought about where to take on from a tone that suddenly transforms from the spookier poltergeist (“Sender” and “Wow”) to a friendlier zeitgeist (“Pattern Recognition” which depicts a beautiful spring day with a hint of erotic), or one of the album’s highlights – “King Vincent” – inviting your body and mind to join in for the adorable synthetic orgy.

Solvent’s “New Ways” – the soundtrack and “I Dream Of Wires” – the documentary, are available from Suction Records via suctionrecords.com and idreamofwires.org


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