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Clemens Band Denk, 12” LP (Totally Wired, 2014); A nice little jewel of an album with songs about love. A diary eager to be open and read.

Bruch – My Name Should Be Trouble, 12” LP (Totally Wired, 2014); already greeted in a number of reviews, Bruch continues to astonish with his mix of cool and minimalism.

Gran – Chair, 12” LP (Totally Wired, 2014); if only there’s a real world out there that stands up to the beauty of this experiment. Without doubt, a chair that is missing! Discover it!

Kristy & the Kraks, 7” EP (Totally Wired, 2014); “If I ruled the Pop charts, this would be in the Top Ten…” (Andrew Darlington, 2014)

For all inquiries on TWR releases please visit totallywiredrecords.bandcamp.com


Marinada’s recently self-released 7” EP with 3 songs (digital download features 6). A special remix of “Čista ljubav” (“Pure Love”) by Qwerty plus “Hrabre riječi” (“Brave Words”) and “Nasilju je kraj” (“The Violence Ends”). To purchase the item, click: marinada.bandcamp.com

Zarkoff’s brand new 5” EP (0.5, 2014) with 3 tour-de-force diamonds “Fast Forward”, “Red March” and “Proteus Rising” – sharing his love of esoteria and technology, this side of Test Dept., Laibach and Jay Jay Johansson. Available via: innumerals.bandcamp.com
or zarkoff.com.hr/

I/II’ – “Earthquakes Usually Come Around At Night”, a mini-album released in conjunction with Totally Wired Records, or on regular compact disc (via 0.5). Featuring “Transmissions End” and “Statues”. Available via: totallywiredrecords.bandcamp.com or innumerals.bandcamp.com

Tehôm – Lacrimae Mundi (Cyclic Law, 2014). After an 18-year hiatus, this album marks a significant return – pulsating with deep resonant ambience. Dive into it. Available via: tehom.org/



Yus Yus – Forever (single, s/r, 2013)
Popsimonova – EP (Gooiland Electro, 2013)
Crystal Soda Cream – Escape From Vienna (LP, Totally Wired, 2013)
Simon Fisher Turner – The Epic of Everest (LP, Mute, 2013)
Leifert (s/t, s/r, CD, 2013)
Dve Bajage – Ne diraj, zgaziće te tenk/Hard Core Tapes
(2xCass, NBIDE, 2013)
Popsimonova & Zarkoff – Die Brücke (LP + 7”, J. A. M. Traxx, 2014)
Za pokolj duše – O pokojniku sve najlepše (NAUK, 2014)
Zastranienie – Danse Macabre (single, s/r, 2014)
Rigor Mortis – Container Über Kiesweg weggefahren (Totally Wired, 2014)
Patrick Weh Weiland – Weckruf (schallendes Lachen) (Totally Wired, 2014)
Ana Threat – Invocation Of My Demon Sissy (Totally Wired, 2014)
The Box @ Doublevision (Klanggalerie, 2014)
Farbfelde – Magnetophon (s/r, 2014)
Noi Kabat – Kitchen Person (Domestica, 2014)
The Bridge – Transmitter (s/r, 2014)
Vice-Versa – Modern As In Mary Quant (VOD, 2014)
Ghost Actor – Unfold (LP, Aufnahme + Wiedergabe, 2014)
Konstruktivists – Destiny Drive (LP, Bleak > 2015)
Bestial Mouths – Remixes (LP, Clan Destine, 2014)
Diskurz – Puls (CD, Dallas, 2014)
Alvaro – 1978 (cass, NBIDE, 2014)
Alone In Heaven – Poslednja muzika (cass, NBIDE, 2014)


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