Presenting you Dotepenec in “A Subtenant’s Nightmare”

Dotepenec (pronounced as do-t[e]-p[e]-n[e][ts]) is a regional slang word for a newcomer. It is also a one-man sound project that debuted on this year’s free download compilation of Croatian electronic alterground, called “Intentional Mistaeks ~ Pop Products of Electrical Post-Yu Ambivalents”, released by NAUK (The National Association for Arts and Culture) from Belgrade. Coinciding with this release, Dotepenec also debuted  live, contributing to the latest event of “Novo doba” (“New Age”) – a festival of authorial comics, that’s simultaneously held every year in Pančevo and Belgrade. In front of the enthusiastic audience,  Dotepenec presented his collection of sound experiments, called “A Subtenant’s Nightmare”. It was a very live demonstration of everyday struggle to find an ideal place to live – by answering to some of the advertisements placed in local newspapers, Dotepenec telephoned and communicated directly with potential landlords.

It’s hilarious. Ultimately brings a smile to my face, although I should be screaming of frustration, waiting for something to actually happen (musically). But that’s also the point – this is the sound of frustration; in his own words (literally), Dotepenec insists that anything can happen. “A Subtenant’s Nightmare” is a bitter study on every periodical change of residence, coinciding with regular worries of rent, vacancy, loneliness, roommates and personal belongings. In that respect, Dotepenec chose a number of simple words and phrases that depict this nightmare perfectly – in both, technical and practical terms. By merciless filtering, he lets them drown in repetition, creating a situation of unrest, “walking around in circles”, longing for a proper settle-down situation. It is also pretty close to a disturbing horror story, a person being haunted by ghosts of those who resided there before. If you’re looking for the ideal residence too frequently, then this is probably not something you’d like to think of as “your cup of tea” – but in a way, it’s quite therapeutic, helps you facing your everlasting cold sweat panic and fear of moving unexpectedly, at the very last minute. But in the end, there is always a happyend – you wake up.

“A Subtenant’s Nightmare” by Dotepenec is recently released on NAUK. Further information:


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