Sounds from Hell’s Riviera

During my stay at Mike’s apartment in Vienna, late in December 2012, we listened to some damn good recent LPs – among them, there was this tiny oddity he played, called “Seasick 6″ – a split 12” record, released in conjunction with another group, called “Les Profs de Skids”. Not only that I never heard of them, I haven’t seen such an enthusiastically executed LP for quite a long time (an audio-visual cross link between Bruce Licher, Zoviet:France and No Basement Is Deep Enough, respectively) – and with such an ingenious band name, no doubt one Stephen Stapleton, Jim Thirlwell or David Tibet would definitely kill for.

At the same time frightening and uncontrollably funny – the illustrations happen to be rather violent in their childishly satanic mannerisms – but then again, I prefer saying, Seasick 6 are much closer to a merry street-gang portrait, inspired by nihilism and extreme dark-humour, that would fit in with the “ultraviolence” concept of Stanley Kubrick’s “A Clockwork Orange” anytime. However, their mind therapy of choice is Surf Rock, not Beethoven.

SD: What is the idea behind sea sickness, polar bears and Satan?

S6: Polar bears are figures for Les profs de skids, who live near the moutains so their aesthetic is about snow and ski. We live in a town, far away from the sea, we wish we were tall blond surfers but we’re just crappy (sea)sick folks. Satan is our friend on facebook.

SD: Are there actually six of you? And for how long is this “sea sickness” going on?

S6: There’s always been 4 of us since the beginning, in the fall of 2011, but two of us have bipolar disorder. And the pun wouldn’t work otherwise.

SD: To you, who is more “boring” – Satan or Sonic Youth?

L : Sonic, i’ve always prefered The Mario Bros.
M : Sonic Youth, definitely. I like some of their noise but the voices are mostly boring and I think I’m more fan of the bands inspired by Sonic Youth. Satan, on the other hand, is what you make of it, in your mind – so it can be a much wider way of getting inspired and tripping about.
L : Who is Sonic Youth ?
E : Satanic youth !

SD: Surf is your musical weapon of choice – what about your favourite sports?

L : Table soccer
M : Escalator skateboarding
E : Lindy hop.
L : Curling on tv

SD: The LP you recorded is released on donation – in collaboration with Les Profs De Skids. Is this donation a form of humanitarian act?

S6: Here in the French alternative/squat scene, it’s quite common to give the price you want at the entrance of gigs for instance, so that anyone can afford the fee. We knew that it would work to sell the record this way, except that we can’t sell it in shops, and anyway we’re bad with numbers (above 6…).

SD: BTW, who are Les Profs de Skids? Is it a different band altogether – or is it the other side of you?

S6: Les Profs de skids is another surf band from Grenoble (we’re from Toulouse). They found us in a basement and took us with them on tour so that we could see the light. We fell in love together and made a split LP.

SD: Is there a scene in your town and how supportive the crowds and the music groups are between themselves?

S6: There is a good  scene in Toulouse with lots of different styles – noise, free-jazz, punk, hardcore, hiphop, electronic stuff, etc. We’re lucky to have squats where the gigs, visual arts and benefit events can happen, so there is also a political and artistic side to it. It’s not all only about the music. The crowd and the bands mix a lot of different people who are all together supporting the scene, sharing gear and ideas and having parties. We especially have an ultra-supportive group of kids following our alcoholic drummer everywhere and singing along.

SD: You sing in one of your demos – “I’m designed to kill and destroy…” Both – your designs and music, radiate with childishly aggressive content. Are you childish? Are you aggressive?

S6: Laura and Miquel have desperately tried to grow up but they still look like they’re 14, Estelle and Lea have tried to be pacifist but it only made them more agressive.

SD: Are you disappointed the world didn’t come to an end in 2012, after all?

E : Very disappointed. You can’t rely on any news these days.
M : What? I don’t believe you, and you will never pull me out of my bomb shelter.
L : I’m counting the days until the 2036 meteorite.
L : The world ended when Seasick6 started vomiting fuel oil on innocent Sonic Youth fans.

SD: Musically, you prefer noise… are you afraid of silence?

L : I have Tinnitus so I can’t remember silence.
E : I prefer when some noise bands remain silent. I wish that Kim Gordon could really shout though.
L : Silence hurts my ears.
M : …………………………….

Seasick 6/Le Profs de Skids split LP released March 2012 on Alternative Dans Ta Gueule (TOFU32),
copies still available directly via the group’s official website. Check it out also for some exclusive music downloads.
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