It’s a jungle out there

Leifert, s/t, CD (self-released, 2013). Featuring in their first interview for Small Doses #3, Leifert finally released their first proper debut. Some of their earlier masterpiece tracks were given re-recording treatment, plus new material that altogether grace this beauty of an album. Highly recommended.

Baden-Baden, Overdue (2013). An enigmatic quintet, mixing garage rock and electronics into their own fundamental mould. Amazing. At the moment, the group prefer to perform live more,  but let’s hope for a full-length release soon. Looking forward to it.

Motherfucking Christians, Welcome To the Bummer City, free download (Sacrifarce Records, 2011). Are they race-ists?! Are they not? Are they at all? Seeing them live was an out-of-body experience, a group that stands for chaos, kitch, theatre and, er, Mary – Mother of God. GG Allin would be proud (not?).

Sahasrabhuja, Priroda (2013). According to Nitkov Vitebsk of, this is celestial body music. Somewhere between the grandiose operatic-type melody, orchestral, massive drumming and vocals that vary between Slobodan Tišma and operatic tuning-ins. Sadly, no link at the moment – except YouTube.

The Bridge (2013). A stunning minimal electronic project by Richard Anderson. Sharp cool synthetics to please the ear. So far no official release, but plenty can be heard via his official link –

Novva Falla, Tapes of Valkenburg, cassette (s/t, 2013). True analogue dreamer in the digital world.

David-Kim Hermsdorf. Also the mainman behind his project Dawn Of Prudence, many treasures still lay, remaining undiscovered. To break the silence, visit his profile at:

Utilizer, Red Dice, digital download (from the v/a sampler “Dalekovod V4 – Guardians of Electro”, Crobot Music, 2012). Old-school electro enthusiast and perfectionist, Utilizer provided a stunning electro-set recently at “Dalekovod” event (Močvara, March 2013). “Red Dice” being part of the set. For more information please visit:

Markantonija. A highly productive household duo of “Mark” and “Antonija”, two people in love and in love with music. Discreet, experimental, acoustic, spontaneous and a bit imprisoned from the outside world.

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