I’ve seen the future and it will be…

“The future, it is always now”, said Zastranienie in their recent video-interview for Nataša Šarkić, one of the authors of “(On the Quest For) Beograd Underground” documentary. The multimedia provocateurs in disguise pointed out this need to establish a desired balance between the past and the future, in the heat of the moment. The Viennese Michael Giebl and his friends from the Crazy Hospital DJ team provided a number of underground events, under the name of “Future Echo”, at this amazing Praterstern’s clubbing spot, called Fluc.

There performed an impressive list of electronic/experimental acts, forming the ideal platform for the new emerging underground electronic scene – based on nostalgia and its post-modernes. The beauty of solidarity felt within “Future Echo” remains forever breathtaking. Sadly, with it’s 18th edition of live performances, “Future Echo” is set to enter its tiny, deserved and respectful legend. Michael, along with a group of his friends is about to set up this new platform where all matters obscure and individually compelling will congregate and reflect in an entirely new form. A logical step forward, into the future.

For archives, video-footage and other treasures, please check facebook.com/future.echo


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