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The Olympics hysteria has now ended – a vanity fair of pride, joy, sweat and tears accompanying ceremonial moments of glory, reaching deep into the heart and soul of each nation participating in the event. I didn’t notice all this Olympics hysteria, letting it all to pretty much pass by – despite consistent enthusiasm and exhillirating posts on the Internet, about the ceremony opening, medal scores and breaking world records. One thing did make me smile though – several olympic contestants from North Korea have disappeared the moment they reached London. May they be well and safe and find a new decent life elsewhere on this gloomy planet. Now let’s get back to reality check and enjoy its most popular moment – called “crisis”. There was a group called Crisis once and in recent years someone decided to put their collection of “Holocaust Hymns” back on the map. Mankind continually hopes – and hoping can be so physically and mentally exhausting when, as it turns out, every once in awhile – nothing happens. Except more warfare, hunger, unemployment and good old demagoguery from governmental (and its conformists alike) set-ups. In the end we’re left nothing with but time.

Except time is such a bitch, and it drags like a whore – but then again, it is the only thing that crisis cannot affect or take away. And once we are aware there’s only time, and there’s nothing left to lose, then it’s the right moment to rip it up (and – as someone once wrote – start again). Time is money – and yes, it’s also a bastard according to one and only Mr. Gira, but it can also be on our side. So let’s be optimistic – we cannot change the world and its little intrigues, but we can just as damn well participate, contribute and subvert. Eventually. Without subversion, thought isn’t provoked, there is neither motivation nor enthusiasm. In a crisis situation we learn things aren’t as horrible as the outside stream of fear campaigns wants us to believe. In the end, crisis IS just a campaign and – as Throbbing Gristle once pointed out – it’s got nothing to do with art.

1/2, Oct 2012


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