Wild women with broomsticks

No, they are not a squad of demented old ladies, nor “desperate housewives, trying to imagine the devil under every bed”, but a group of women more fascinated with the concept of lucky charms, flower-power and positive witchcraft. Presenting you Dreamy Swastikas – a happy all-time girl group, who have just returned home from their megahillarious performance in Sweden. Darinka, Iris and Dijadora talk about scent, potion and Wizards of Oz, in an exclusive interview by their producer and haiku-comics guru, Miro Župa.

MŽ: Hello Dreamy swastikas can you please tell me something about your three selfs? 
DS: Well first of all there are much more of us than just three you silly guy… imagine just how dreamy and mellow weather was for us about three thousand years ago…huh? You can not imagine that?…That is because you live in your little flat with your little stroboscope light always on… well that is actually how we three started in first place by shutting down stroboscope lite in our village and starting singing between goat soup dinners at golden table of our psychical great grand father… thats wright!

MŽ: So can you please tell me something more about your music and lyrics? I am sure that the people here in Sweden would more than interested in knowing a little more about you…because they all are still little bit shocked after your last performance here when you three swallowed each other and than than stated farting in subliminal-three level stench toward the audience while singing Romanian national anthem… DS: Yes… our music is well… just the kind of music that you can get by not listening to anything than rumble of your ear wax down your trousers during Christmas… but that is sound for our enemies….our friends can hear something like glue sniffing organ sound with elements of acapella murmur down the walnut three of their childhood misfortune yeah!  Oh… Sweden Sweden your minimalistic eyebrows have put the bombastic color for the toothbrush on our arrogant little ass…that is how we three see your quantum design and your slow started shame because of your grandfather sickness… Can we three ask you something? MŽ: Yes I will be more than happy to help you with any kind of answer!

DS: Do you still chew squirrels here in Sweden? and do you still make money by putting plastic between your ears and knees? MŽ: Yes we still do all that but now in little more subtle way…you see we started about year ago to introduce ourselves with more kinky nature of reindeer in northen parts of Yucatan… so large number of them have been deported here,and we started to communicate very religiously about subconsciousness of our fatherly frogs…we discovered that we share the same sense for logic.

MŽ: Now my next and last question for you is what is your plans for the future…after your great debut album – ’’Sneaky Teo’’ what are your plans? DS: First when we arrive home in Croatia in our home town Bjelovar we will bury forks and spoons in backyard of our houses.. a little sacrifice is needed for good fortune with everything that we do,or not do…the three is one… the one is everything… the two is just a half of everything with its perpetual leading toward the suburbs of all…six is the water…. so lets make the water turn black! that is the first thing to do in Bjelovar when we arrive-in astral term of sense…Them we go to our daily job, I work in police squad… Darinka is catechism teacher and Iris is waitress in bar – Deep throat… we will start to record our next album two years ago so that will be even more surprise when it comes out… a year before our debut album! See you never know where or when Dreamy swastikas are… we just don’t want to mess with too many civil or terrestrial links, we are above and below… but mostly in the background of everybody’s forehead.

MŽ: Thank you Dreamy swastikas! hope to see you soon here in Sweden!

DS: Thank you! hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi…!


Dreamy swastikas’ “Sneaky Teo” will be available in the two years ago time, so check it out.
Further information and reading: http://www.komikaze.hr/author/miro-zupa

DS models: fear of the (vintage) unknown
Leisurely to dreamy: Darinka, Iris and Dijadora,
in one of their rare
coffee moments at the golden table of their psychical great grand father.


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