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“You know… I’ve gotta funny feeling I’ve seen this all before!”
(Laurie Anderson)

Announcing the 12th anniversary of “Dejavu” – Muzikfantastique’s clubbing programme for the 2000s.

1/2, July, 2012

I’ve experienced it around 2001, I think it was. I was asked by Ivan Krželj to do a poster for his then-newly established audio-video clubbing night, dedicated to the everlasting potential of 80s and 90s era of music. Actually, it was Miss Kittin & The Hacker to blame, after a song of theirs – “1982”, from which the line “DJ plays Dejavu” Ivan decided to adopt. Of course, it was a perfect moment with Electroclash already kickstarting big.

While focused on retro, all of a sudden it was inevitable for “Dejavu” to study all current affairs for the dancefloor test; Adult., Solvent, Dopplereffekt, Fischerspooner, DAT Politics, Figurine, Crossover and many more – especially, and most notably, exploring the very International DJ Gigolos’ catalogue… Many legends decided to resurrect – among them Soft Cell and Fad Gadget came back to a deserved spotlight, although it was sadly ten years ago for many to see Fad alive and kicking for one last time – Depeche Mode visited Zagreb for the first time around late 2001, promoting their then-fresh-from-grabbing-hands album called “Exciter” and I really hoped for Fad Gadget to join on that leg of their tour. Instead there were two beautiful and shy girls supporting, presenting themselves as “Technique” – musically forgettable at that point, only later to resurrect as the gorgeously incorporated duo-come-trio, “Client”, whose early dub versions of later songs I absolutely love.

In all that creative retro-mess of past, present and future, “Dejavu” couldn’t have picked a better moment to revive the interest in the new new wave – mixing old and new stuff, it turned into a prosperous venue, well packed in for the next couple of years. Given prime time in one of the leading underground clubs in Zagreb, it was a mixture of video and live presentation plus adorable DJ work by Ivan Krželj himself.

And I must admit that in many ways, seeing Ivan communicating by music so eagerly, projecting all the sound and vision towards the audience – at least in my personal view – is a very rare situation, without the necessary skill-demonstrating evils of seamless playback exhibitionism by (too) many DJs. Because, “Dejavu” remains a pleasant, if nowadays on pretty rare occasion, newsreel in the wake of imaginary “radio station”, featuring live dancing audience. In the next issue of “Small Doses” it is expected to have a fully accomplished interview with one of the most overtly honest enthusiasts and presenters of the unknown music… If sometimes, a little too much. But then again, to quote Last Few Days – “Too much is not enough”… Never was. We want more.

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