It’s been a year and so much can happen in a year – in both, creative and non-creative terms. “Small Doses” suddenly felt like it reached its conclusion – or at worst, a dead end. With issue no. 5, to put it in Le Chocolat Noir’s words, the future looked bright but with issue no. 6, things suddenly took a different turn; due to so many commitments at once, it became the last thing on the list of priorities, keep pushing the release further into the no-go zone. In the end, come December 2014 and still there was no “Small Doses”.

So let’s think of it now as a lost-found momentum – a sort-of an improvised issue; there were more contents intended but sadly couldn’t happen; planned interviews which couldn’t take place, busy hours filling in everyone’s time and time became everyone’s enemy. But in the end, the outcome of what is in front of you is probably a rather typical “small dose” – a modest review of selected recent things happening, the projects which deserve to be – talked about and not just of the moment (and the moment is, of course, perfect).

Strafe Für Rebellion, after a considerable time gap in the discography compartment, return with their new conceptual album – “Sulphur Spring”, released on Vienna’s respectful experimental label Klanggalerie. For the occasion, Strafe F. R.’s Bernd Kastner kindly answered some questions in an interview. Warren Defever of the notoriously non-descript His Name Is Alive also contributed in a more leisurely way for a short interview. HNIA are also fresh from releasing “Tecuciztecatl”, a brand new genius record of theirs that’s heading further into the strange aural territory. Solvent’s “New Ways” – a soundtrack album to the acclaimed documentary “I Dream Of Wires”, and Neden’s amazing new s/t LP are both in for a tiny review, with recommendations from Totally Wired Records, a young respectful Viennese label, fresh from celebrating their two years in existence, already providing a successive run of 20 records in their catalogue, each a warm recommendation to grace the ears and not just personal music collections. Also, there are tiny visual reminders of the amazing work of Nilüfer Üstüner, a young artist from Istanbul and Bestial Mouths, a stunning group that belongs to the new generation of electro-witchcraft.

And last but not least, one particularly special story in this issue is about Vice-Versa, a synth-pop trio from Sheffield’s first punk generation, who finally witness a stunning box-set retrospective called “Electrogenesis 1978 – 1980”, via Vinyl On Demand – a vast collection of oddities that were long overdue; from their official Neutron mini-catalogue to the never-before released tape experiments and live recordings, all carefully restored, this is the ultimate must for anyone even slightly interested in this side of “Warp”; for the occasion, a session’s been arranged by 0.5 for two re-recordings of Vice-Versa’s obscure classics – “Trapped In Celluloid” and “Stilyagi”, performed by The Fall Guy and Dissident, each a character singing their own story. Released with kind permission from Stephen Singleton and Mark White, everyone hopes you will enjoy this tiny 5” single featurette, as well as you will enjoy the new look, new format, new girls and neutrons.

Thank you for your patience and support.


0.5, December 2014.



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